I’m a working writer and public speaker who is available for hire in a variety of areas. In a world of bills and capitalist landlords I am compelled to charge for my work  (I’m getting more than enough exposure already) but I’m always happy to work with clients when it comes to payment.


Article Writing and Website Content

I have provided articles on medieval history and the history of the supernatural to a variety of websites, print magazines and ejournals, in addition to having served as editor on Tarot Professionals Ltd’s Tarosophist International periodical. My areas of expertise are English Renaissance theatre, magic from the Medieval to Early Modern period, and the supernatural in the Medieval and Early Modern church.

My research resources include access to JSTOR, membership of the London Library, British Library and National Archive. I also have a relatively up to date personal library of academic books in the domains of Medieval apocalyptic religion, witchcraft, ritual magic and Early Modern theatre. This means that I can, within reasonable limits, access up to date materials for a wide variety of humanities related projects.

(I have a particular interest in Medieval sermon exemplars at the moment).


Public Speaking

Guiding tours at Shakespeare’s Globe, and public speaking in lectures for Spooky London, The Rose Playhouse and ASSAP has given me plenty of experience as a public speaker, not to mention experience of presenting to large audiences with (sometimes) limited understanding of English,  and some primitive ability with Powerpoint.

I have spoken on the relationship between Christopher Marlowe and the Western Esoteric Magical Tradition, including Neoplatonic ideas and the incorporation of Jewish mysticism, and the development of the character Faust.

I have also prepared talks on Macbeth and the North Berwick Witch Trials, the links between modern demonic possession and narratives of possession in Early Modern England, the methodology of recording the Paranormal in Medieval Europe, the social history of the witch in the Medieval community, witchcraft and apocalyptic narratives, and the development of European law towards the witch trials.


Videos and Podcasts

I’m a semi-regular presenter on the Spooky Isles podcast and has appeared in the Gothic model Dark Morte’s Frights and Delights video series. Due to the great pleasure I takes in participating in podcasts and videos, I do not usually charge for podcast and video work, so long as the broadcast is amateur and the topic is within my area of knowledge.



My most reliable point of contact is via email: jon [underscore] KJ [at] outlook [dot] com


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