aDarkNeonDying_cover_sWriting as Jon Kaneko-James, The Other  Side Books have released A Dark Neon Dying, an Occult, Cyberpunk Fantasy set in earth’s far future, when 20th century history is a distant memory.

A far future where science and the occult have grown together.

A rainsoaked, lightless planet at the edge of the solar system.

An ancient inhuman evil.

New Paris is the jewel in the crown of the Galacta Corporation: recreating historic cities on the Terraformed moon of Europa.

Their chief attraction is the Performance Artists: glamorous adventurers who exploit the constitution to make the illegal legal.

Renard and Ducoult were the stars of the scene. Now Renard has returned from retirement, financially desperate and fatigued with his former life.

Ducoult is a broken woman. Disfigured at the finale of her and Renard’s greatest caper, and paralyzed by trauma, she hides in the City’s poorest district with her clockwork family.

But the world hasn’t finished with them yet. A final job. A good deed for the wrong reasons. Something terrible flitting at the edge of human consciousness. Renard and Ducoult will be drawn together in a fight that will either save New Paris, or unleash a horror on uncountable worlds.

A Dark Neon Dying is available electronically for £2.99 from The Other Side Books and from the Amazon Kindle Store. A print edition will be out later this year.


Writing as Jon Chant, Jon Kaneko-James brings Great Fire, a history-based urban fantasy for 9-12 year old readers.

Esteban was born with Chronomancy, magic that lets him control time. Visions are a normal thing for Esteban, until he’s dragged out of bed by a dream about his best friend Danny at the centre of a magical inferno. The Monument, the two hundred foot monument to the Great Fire of London, has been blasted apart and something has escaped from a prison made using the streets of the city of London itself.

With only the unbelievably bolshy and persistent Connie for help, Esteban has less than twenty four hours to find  Danny and recapture the spirit that burned London: the Great Fire.

Great Fire is priced at £7.99, and is available from, or direct from Mogzilla Books.


Writing as Jon Chant, Jon Kaneko-James adds a second book, Witches’ Hill, to the adventures of Esteban Fawkes, this time leaving London and going to Pendle, Lancashire. An Urban Fantasy for 9-12 year old readers.

Esteban Fawkes is a young sorcerer specialising in time magic, known as Chronomancy. Danny is a Conjurer who can summon supernatural beings, or banish the Things That Should Not Be Here. Esteban is in trouble again. When he and Danny go mountain biking in Lancashire, they are imprisoned by the ghost of Jennett Device – the child witch whose testimony sent the Pendle witches to the gallows in 1612. Can they stop the witch hunt from happening again?

Witches’ Hill is priced at £7.99 and is available direct from Mogzilla Books, or

Writing as Jon Kaneko-James, Jon contributed the story Bills of Mortaility, Wages of Sin, to the zombie themed short story collection published by Red Rattle Books. This is not a children’s Book.

Zombies cause death and destruction and make brutal the humans obliged to fight them.  The stories in Zombie Bites explore the consequences of destruction and examine the inevitable decay, social and personal, that occurs in the resistance to the apocalypse.

Zombie Bites contains 19 new interpretations of a popular horror tradition.  There are also 12 bonus Zombie Nibbles.  The stories chosen should appeal to all zombie fans.  Teenage angst, Americans abroad, high finance, schizophrenic confusion, lonely despair, familial dependency, treacherous Nazis, football, political schemers and sexual deviants are all featured.

Zombie Bites is published by Red Rattle Books and can be bought from


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