About Jon

Jon Work PhotoJon Kaneko-James is a writer living in London. He works as a tour guide at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and maintains his own small guiding company called Boo Tours, who specialise  in entertaining walks around the scenic and macabre sites of London, not to mention strange and spine-tingling ghost stories.

Jon writes both fiction and non-fiction, with a particular interest in the history of magic, and the medieval church. He’s also found himself more and more drawn into studying medieval folklore, particularly the history of ghosts, and the fascinating world of Sermon Exampla.

When it comes to ghost stories, Jon loves a ‘proper’, Edwardian/Early 20th Century ghost story, and as such is a huge fan of writers like M R James and Arthur Machen, with an honourable mention going to Antal Szerb for writing the superb Pendragon Legend.

In the world of fiction, Jon prefers to write urban fantasy, and has managed to get a YA title, Great Fire, picked up by the superb publisher Mogzilla, as well as short stories in several collections – including Red Rattle Books’ Zombie Bites compendium (Red Rattle are also scheduled to publish Fear of the Witch, Jon’s non-fiction title about witchcraft, in 2015.)

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