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Jon Kaneko-James is an author and researcher based in London. His works have included children’s books, articles on popular history topics, genre fiction, and historical research.

Jon’s particular research topic is historic belief in the supernatural: how people believed, what they believed and the criteria for experience. Jon has also given a number of lectures on the Supernatural in Early Modern theatre, putting the supernatural elements of 16th and 17th century plays in the context that contemporary audiences would have understood them. Jon’s current research project is examining the influence of fairy imagery on the witch trials, with a particular interest in a specific trial at the English port-town of Rye.

Jon has presented his research at ASSAP’s Seriously Possessed conference, hosted at London Goldsmiths’ Univeristy. He has also presented at the ASSAP Seriously Enchanted conference, and the Museum of Witchcraft’s Curses conference in 2017.

At the moment Jon is adding the finishing touches to his book, tentatively titled Shakespeare’s Audiences and the Supernatural, looking at how 16th and 17th century citizens understood the supernatural, and supernatural events as they formed a part of the political and everyday landscape.

On the fiction front Jon has a book out: A Dark Neon Dying, an Esoteric Hermetic Cyberpunk Noir thriller. You can read more about it at Other Side Books.

Jon’s favourite book is Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest. He’s rather fond of tea.

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